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    Why am I having problems downloading Pressbooks files from some of your textbooks?

    We have uncovered an issue with the download feature for Pressbooks and WordPress (XML) files for...

    Update Date: 7 months ago

    Who at TRU can help faculty with or answer questions about open textbooks?

    For assistance with adopting, adapting, or creating an open textbook or using Pressbooks,...

    Update Date: 3 months ago

    What is an "open license"?

    An "open license", or open copyright license, is one which grants permission to access, retain,...

    Update Date: 9 months ago

    When I revise an open textbook, do I send it to the BC Open Textbook project?

    If you have revised an open textbook and would like it to be considered for the BC Open Textbook...

    Update Date: 8 months ago

    How do I create an open textbook?

    For information on how to author an open textbook see the BC Open Textbook Authoring Guide and...

    Update Date: 9 months ago

    I can't figure out how to order a bound/print copy of an open textbook.

    To order a print copy of an open textbook, find the book in the collection and select "Buy a print...

    Update Date: 8 months ago

    Why do instructors use open textbooks instead of traditional textbooks or other resources?

    Traditionally, published textbooks are produced under closed copyright, meaning they cannot be...

    Update Date: 8 months ago

    How do I adapt, or make changes to, an open textbook?

    To adapt an open textbook from the BC Open Textbook Collection, download an editable file of the...

    Update Date: 9 months ago

    Am I allowed to charge for printed copies of an open textbook if it includes an NC license?

    It's fine to charge for cost recovery (which could include cost of printing + basic overhead), but...

    Update Date: 8 months ago

    What is a "Creative Commons license"?

    A "Creative Commons (CC) license" is one of several open copyright licenses that enable authors to...

    Update Date: 8 months ago